Innovation Inc: The Future of Health and Technology

On Wednesday, September 2, Neo Innovation hosted Innovation Inc: The Future of Health and Technology, at the gorgeous Herman Miller showroom in downtown SF. A small salon-style event, Innovation inc is Neo’s recurrent speaking series with the goal of bringing together entrepreneurs, practitioners, and leadership for thought-provoking discussion around an industry or domain. On the … Read More Innovation Inc: The Future of Health and Technology

Neo’s Startup Residence Program

This fall, Neo is kicking off our Startup Residence Program. We’re thrilled to launch this initiative in both our NYC and SF offices. Neo’s mission is to help our clients imagine, innovate and validate new business opportunities, to create new kinds of businesses in fundamentally different ways. Neo’s Residence Program helps startups with a tough, … Read More Neo’s Startup Residence Program

Where Innovation Labs Fail: The Handoff

Innovation Labs are all the rage. Everyone, it seems, has read Christensen’s Innovator’s Dilemma and, in the face of mounting VC-fueled startup momentum and press headlines, taken its recommendations to heart for managing innovation. Build a separate innovation team. Isolate them both physically and financially from the organization. Remove any direct reporting structure to the … Read More Where Innovation Labs Fail: The Handoff

Prototyping Tools for Product Designers

There is a fantastic array of online prototyping tools available today. Tools like Marvel, Invision, Pop and Atomic, let us work faster and kill communication overhead. In this post, I’d like to share my favorites and give some guidance on which tools are best for which stage of product design. Matching the right tool to … Read More Prototyping Tools for Product Designers

Managing Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation is perhaps one of the least understood concepts in modern business. This is because we’re combining “Business Model” and “Innovation” which are already ambiguous terms. Often I’ve found that no one can agree upon their definitions in the first place. I personally subscribe to the following definition of a business model – A business model is how … Read More Managing Business Model Innovation

How To Concierge Customer Love: Part 2

We ran two product development experiments over the course of 6 weeks. Within those six weeks, we tested our assumptions on healthy habits at work. We tested once within our own office and with four different offices in San Francisco and New York. The goal of our project was to help people have healthier workdays. … Read More How To Concierge Customer Love: Part 2

What Software Cannot Solve: Part 1

‘What Software Cannot Solve’ is a three part series that describes the process, ideas and the product that emerged from an internal sprint done at Neo. Our sprint, inspired by trends in wearable fitness technology, healthcare policy reform, and the upswing in dollars spent on office wellness, focused on behavior change tools for healthy habits … Read More What Software Cannot Solve: Part 1 Put Your Money Where It Matters

The Vision The founders of saw an opportunity at the intersection of two powerful trends: Americans are increasingly socially conscious and passionate about causes. Technology makes it possible to bring innovation and personalization to investing like never before.   The Challenge Most people feel disconnected from their investments and if they dig down, they … Read More Put Your Money Where It Matters