The Neo Story: Part I

Anything can be built. The question is should it be built?

The success of what you create is what counts

Success centers around providing value for your users. Value comes from a delicate balance of strong vision and realistic testing. We lead with vision, and reality check with experiments and analytics. We like to stay grounded in the real world – the place with real customers and where failure and learning are possible.

The only way to determine if it’s the right product is to test it in the market.

Assumptions are not the same as knowledge

What you think you know can hurt you

With every project there’s what you know, what you don’t know, and what you think you know. It’s easy to fool yourself into moving forward based on things you believe to be true, but don’t know to be true.

We believe it is essential to differentiate assumptions from fact early on in the process. This ensures you are learning before you invest too many resources based on what you think you know. To do this, we ask our clients to list their biggest assumptions and greatest risks and then focus on uncovering where that fear comes from. This helps us define the level of risk. Once we identify the scariest assumption, we design a series of experiments to test just how risky it really is.

Our goal is to separate assumption from fact.

Less risk, more often