Value trumps cool. Period.

But a little cool never hurts.

About Us

Welcome to Neo

We create digital businesses for our clients

Neo is a global company with the heart of a startup

We strive to put new products into the world that solve real needs. We agree with Marc Andreessen that "software is eating the world" and disrupting businesses of all kinds. It's not about "apps" but rather how technology can open up new possibilities and make things and people smarter, streamlined, and scalable. We're here to dream up, validate, and ultimately build those ideas in partnership with our clients.

Neo is only as strong as the people who work here. Which is why we hire exceptionally talented and multifaceted designers, engineers and product managers who work collaboratively and manage uncertainty well. We’re serious about challenging the status quo, working together in the pursuit of greatness, and enjoying ourselves along the way.

In the saturated world of creative agencies and software development shops, you can always find one that will execute exactly as told. At Neo, we don’t believe that’s an effective way to work. Instead, we collaborate with our clients to define a founding vision, which we then test and iterate, until we turn it into successful reality. The world doesn’t need more products. It needs better products.